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Monterey County Weekly Spotlights the Upcoming Hops and Fog Brewpub

In a recent feature by the Monterey County Weekly, the transformative journey of an old laundromat on Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove into the community’s inaugural craft brewpub was highlighted. Under the enthusiastic stewardship of Mike Durrant, the bare, wood-lined space is poised to become the much-anticipated Hops and Fog Brewing Company.

The concept, which has been in the works since 2019, promises to bring a unique blend of local craft beer, soft drinks, and family-friendly dining to the area. Durrant, a former agricultural equipment sales professional turned full-time brewpub operator, has been perfecting his brewing skills for over two decades. His expertise is evident in the award-winning beers he has produced, which range from the sharp bitterness of IPAs to the rich, bold flavors of nut brown ales and Irish reds.

Durrant's approach to the brewpub extends beyond just beer. Plans for crafting sodas, installing a brick oven, and offering below-market rental apartments above the brewpub underline his commitment to community building. Despite the numerous challenges—from securing approvals to structural repairs—the excitement is tangible as the walls begin to rise.

Durrant and his team aim for a spring 2024 opening, with May being an ambitious but hopeful target. This endeavor is a significant milestone for Pacific Grove, which has historically been conservative about alcohol sales, only allowing its first establishment to sell more alcohol than food as recently as 2018.

The Monterey County Weekly's coverage of Hops and Fog not only underscores the potential of this venture but also the community's evolving relationship with local businesses and entertainment venues. As the brewpub nears completion, it stands as a testament to the perseverance and passion of its founders and the supportive network of city officials and local residents.

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