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About Hops & Fog

Updated: Apr 26

Hops and Fog Brewing was founded by a group of three friends in 2020.  As with most stories, there is a little more to it, both before and after. 

The concept was conceived at the Steinbeck Homebrew Festival where Mike Durrant (who goes by the handle HopFog) was approached by a blogger who included an article in her blog about his passion for brewing and where it was leading.  A few months after the event, a close friend read the story and quickly made a few calls to see if we could turn that dream into a reality.   

We began searching for buildings and in early March 2020 we purchased a building on Lighthouse Ave in Pacific Grove, California.  2 weeks later the world turned upside down by Covid 19 and this had them pausing to see how everything would turn out.  A couple years and the decision was made to move forward with our plans and we began construction to renovate the old laundromat into our brewpub. 

Fast forward a few months - as we prepare to open our doors we cannot state enough how thankful we are for the support our community has shown us.  We value the small-town relationships that we have built, and we want our community to know that there is a place in our pub for everyone.  

Simply stated, at Hops and Fog Brewing we take our passion for brewing incredible beer, and the love of our community to provide a sanctuary where our locals and visitors alike can gather, sharing time together, drinking incredible hand-crafted beverages and tasting our delicious food.

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